Bethany Kludt – Tips for Finding a Good Volunteer Opportunity

Bethany Kludt is a very compassionate individual who is involved with her church, the Miamisburg Christian Church. She is interested in helping her community in many capacities, such as providing health care services, rescuing stray animals, and helping out homeless people. An individual can experience growth by participating in the right volunteer opportunity, growth that is felt through a greater connection with your community and a sense of fulfillment.

Bethany KludtThe first step to finding a good volunteer opportunity is to research what the greatest needs in your community are. Most communities have a wide variety of needs including health care, water, nutrition, education, environmental protection, or safety. Once you know what the greatest needs in your community are, you know how to apply your time and energy to be most effective.

The next step in finding a good volunteer opportunity is possessing awareness of what your greatest skills are. Applying your greatest skills in your charitable efforts will make these efforts more impactful and enjoyable. Some of Bethany Kludt’s best skills are her expertise as an aspiring nurse (she is currently a nursing student), along with her perseverance and determination, and her strong work ethic. Therefore, she is best served volunteering in a hospital or church or another capacity that takes place face to face with her community. Bethany Kludt strongly encourages people to look for a volunteer opportunity, as it assuredly will be more than worthwhile. Not only can an individual provide something that is greatly needed, they can also form lasting friendships