Bethany Kludt – University of Kentucky Basketball

Bethany Kludt was born in Dayton, Ohio but she has a lot of extended family living in Kentucky. This and the love for her grandpa who was a “blue-bleeding” UK basketball fan is the biggest reason she is a huge University of Kentucky basketball fan. The University of Kentucky basketball program has established itself as one of the elite collegiate basketball programs in the nation. There a number of reasons for this.

Bethany Kludt
Bethany Kludt

The school program possesses the allure and prestige to attract talented young men to Kentucky every year. The basketball team is able to continually stock its depth chart with some of the most skilled high school players in the country, which allows the program to stay on pace with other top universities in the nation.

The University of Kentucky says Bethany Kludt, also has coaching staff and administration that are committed to winning and, furthermore, committed to winning the right way. Championship teams are built when every teammate expends 100% of their effort and puts the common goals of the team ahead of their own selfish interests. Championship teams are cultivated through lots of practice, exercise, and communication.

The University of Kentucky is committed to the principles of winning which, quite simply, is why the school is a perennial favorite to make the NCAA tournament and advance far. This year the school is one of the favorites to win the entire tournament, which would undoubtedly make Bethany Kludt and her family ecstatic.