Practical Advice for Gymnasts

As a gymnast, your goal is to perform better than before, and so you train hard every day. Sometimes because you are so busy training and preparing for your event, you can forget to check your equipment and gym if everything is in order. Here are a few things that will help you.

Bethany Kludt


Before you start practicing or performing, take the time to check your equipment. Make sure everything is in good condition. When you are practicing or performing, set up your equipment in a way that you don’t collide with other equipment or your fellow gymnasts. The floor should be properly padded, and the mats firmly secured beneath every piece of equipment.

First Aid

Every facility should have someone in charge of first aid. If someone has had a back or head injury, do not attempt to move that person, call the emergency services or medical help. It is always good to be prepared for any emergency.

Before Practice or Competitions

As a gymnast, you have to stay fit all the time. If you are returning to practice after a bout of illness or injury, it is important to take things slowly so that you do not hurt yourself. Staying fit and working your muscles will make you less vulnerable to injuries.

Getting a good night’s sleep before a competition is very important. It is more difficult to perform your routines when you are tired.

Before practice or an event, make sure you gently stretch and warm up. According to research, dynamic stretching is more effective than static stretching before you start working out.

Bethany Kludt is a talented young woman and enjoys diving, BMX, and gymnastics. She is currently a college student.