How to Develop a Body like a Gymnast

Gymnastics is a popular sport and requires strength, balance, coordination and very good flexibility. Many in the gym envy the physique of gymnasts because gymnasts hardly ever touch any weight machines. Most gymnasts are not very tall; you rarely will find a 6-foot tall gymnast. Because most gymnasts are much shorter, they require less muscle mass to achieve that well-built body. Those who are taller have long limbs, and the diameter of the muscle tissue will have to be much bigger to stretch the entire length of the bone. Hence, it takes more work for tall people to build and develop a body like a gymnast.

Bethany Kludt

Developing Power

Gymnastics exercises are quite powerful in nature. Pull-ups, handsprings, springs off boards and beams, and mid-air tucks all require extreme power. Most of these moves have one thing in common; it causes them to work the fast-twitch muscles just like in sprinting. And these movements are great for burning fat in the body. By training like this, gymnasts bring down the fat levels in the body, which helps them develop a muscular body.


Gymnasts start training from an early age, most start as early as eight years, and some even at five years. Training from an early age gives them sufficient time to develop a good physique and put on muscle mass. Though muscle growth does not take place while gymnasts are ten years old, but they are busy training their body.


Gymnasts train with bodyweight instead of weight machines. Bodyweight exercises work with the muscle fibers and help develop muscles. Some of the exercises gymnasts use are isometric holds, handstand push-ups, pull-ups, hamstring curls and leg extensions. Several professional gymnasts train for anywhere between 4-6 hours a day.

Bethany Kludt started gymnastics when she was three years old.