Bethany Kludt – Tips for First-Time Bikini Competitors

Bethany Kludt recently began competing in bikini competitions via the National Physique Committee (NPC). In August 2014, she finished third in an NPC collegiate bikini competition in Louisville, Kentucky. She is a health conscientious person who enjoys weight lifting, maintaining her fitness, and taking care of her health. Deciding to join bikini competitions was a big decision, but is one that she does not regret. Here are a few tips for first-time bikini competitors.Bethany Kludt

  • Before first-time competitors sign up for a competition, they need to establish their purpose for competing. Wanting to win is not a good enough purpose because there are a lot of variables involved in the outcome of the competitions, such as the preference of judges. The purpose for competing should be something more personal like wanting to lose weight or building your brand as a personal trainer.
  • First-time competitors need to do research on bikini competition organizations. NPC, INBA, and WBFF are a few organizations that are well regarded. First-time competitors should look up the rules and regulations of each organization’s competition and choose an organization that suits them best.
  • First-time competitors should consider attending a local show or competitions before signing up to compete. This will give them an idea of what is expected at shows, how they operate, and who their competition might be. It may also help them choose the right organization. They should attend a few shows and determine which organization puts up the best show in terms of production value and exposure.

Bethany Kludt would like to become a Bikini Pro with NPC however it was a bucket-list item to honorably compete. To become a pro would take a lot of hard work, dedication and focus, but she is looking forward to the challenge ahead of her.