Bethany Kludt – Tips for First-time Beauty Pageant Competitors

Bethany Kludt has competed in a number of beauty pageants in Ohio. She competed in the Miss Teen Ohio National American Miss competition and placed in third in the Miss Photogenic competition. She is currently a nursing student, but still enjoys beauty pageants and fitness competitions. Here are a few tips for first-time beauty pageant competitors.Bethany Kludt

  • First-time competitors need to be confident in themselves and what they have to offer to the competition. They cannot focus on what the other pageants are wearing, what they look like, or what they are saying. If they start focusing on and comparing themselves to their competition, negative thoughts will creep in, which can only damage a competitor’s performance. Maintaining focus and being confident in their selves is the best way first-time competitors can approach beauty pageants.
  • Making eye contact is very important for first-time competitors to remember. Eye contact shows confidence, and as we know confidence is important. Making eye contact with the judges will forge a connection between them and the competitor. Making eye contact during the interview portion of the competition is especially essential because it shows the judges that the competitors understand and believe in what they are saying.
  • First-time competitors need to set realistic goals for themselves. Obviously winning is the ultimate goal, but not everyone can win, especially in their first pageant. It’s a good idea for first-time competitors to make other goals like scoring well in specific portions of the competition or making new pageant friends. It is important to feel accomplished after a pageant, regardless of the outcome. Setting different goals helps achieve that.

Bethany Kludt has recently moved away from competing in beauty pageants and is focusing on competing in National Physique Committee bikini competitions and successfully making a career in nursing for herself.