Bethany Kludt – Three Nutritional Tips for College Students

Bethany is a nursing student. On top of the stressful life a nursing student, she also works as a waitress and competes in bikini competitions. Eating healthy and staying fit is important to her, but considering that she has such a busy schedule, sometimes it is difficult to maintain healthy eating habits. Here are three nutritional tips for college students with busy schedules.

Bethany KludtCollege students with busy schedules need to make sure that they eat a good breakfast. Skipping breakfast is unhealthy and is a bad way to start the day. The body needs sustenance in the morning and students need energy in the morning to do well in the classroom. Grabbing a bagel, eating some fruit, and drinking some juice are both quick and easy breakfasts that can be stored in a dorm room.

It is not recommended that college students eat fast food, even though it is the cheapest and most accessible food. If students must eat fast food they should avoid fried chicken, French fries, food with lots of salad dressing, and fish sandwiches. Get a pizza with half of the cheese, eat a baked potato, get regular sized sandwiches, and eat salad with less dressing. Essentially, limit the amount of high-fat fast food.

College students should keep a selection of handy snacks easily available. This is a great way to combat hunger during a late night of studying. Fresh or dried fruit, pretzels, rice cakes, unbuttered popcorn, and whole-wheat crackers are all great snacks. Avoid anything from the vending machines.

Bethany Kludt prioritizes her health, fitness, and nutrition. She does this because it is important to her personally and it is an important aspect of competing in bikini competitions.