Bethany Kludt’s Tips for College Students to Spend Time with Their Family

Bethany Kludt is a college student studying for her nursing degree. When she is not studying, she often finds time to go home and visit her parents. Her parents live a couple hours away, so it is easy to make the trip frequently. She enjoys her mother’s cooking and spending time with her parents playing golf or watching movies. While many students spend their weekends on campus partying, Kludt takes the time to re-connect with her parents. She believes that the relationships between her and her parents is going to last forever and is more important than any relationship formed at a weekend party. That is why she prioritizes her weekends for her parents.

Bethany Kludt

Kludt also likes to spend time with her extended family as well. Her grandmother lives in Kentucky and is a die-hard University of Kentucky basketball fan. Whenever Kludt has extended time off, she will drive to Kentucky and visit her grandmother and watch a basketball game on the television. Her aunt and uncle also live in Kentucky and these weekend hangouts often turn into mini family reunions.

One piece of advice that Kludt likes to share with people is that while friends come and go, a family is going to be there forever. This is why her family is so important to her. Being in college is one of the greatest times for a young adult, students will learn to be independent and start to figure out a career, but for Bethany Kludt, it is also a time to be with family and keep strengthening the roots that hold families together.