A Couple Reasons why Bethany Kludt’s BMX Racing Career Helped Her With Her Studies

According to Bethany Kludt BMX racing and nursing school have a lot in common. Kludt has been racing BMX bicycles since she was a little girl. She has enjoyed success in the sport at all levels. However, Kludt had to eventually leave the sport to focus on college and obtain her nursing degree.

Bethany Kludt

Currently Kludt is a college student enrolled in a nursing program. She sees a lot of similarities between her studies and her BMX racing career. First, Kludt explains that there is a significant time commitment to both activities. Kludt remembers waking up at six am on Saturday mornings to head to the racetrack to get practice runs in and trying to master turning on a banked curve. Today, Kludt still wakes up early in the morning on Saturday, but now it is to review her flash cards for an upcoming test.

Kludt also thinks that knowing when to be aggressive is a key to excelling at both nursing and racing. Sometimes during a BMX race, Kludt has to be aggressive to take her chances to pass an opponent, but not too aggressive that she would tire out. In nursing school, while on clinical rotations, being aggressive will allow Kludt the opportunity to help perform procedures and get more experience. If she was too aggressive, though, it might look poorly on her. To Bethany Kludt, every day she uses the lessons she learned while BMX racing and applies them to her nursing studies.