Bethany Kludt: Student Snapshot – Ohio Northern University Edition

Bethany Kludt is a highly motivated and successful young lady who is currently enrolled at Ohio Northern University (ONU). She knows that getting what you want isn’t enough, but rather, doing the right and best kind of work possible in the attainment of your goals holds the key to true and optimal satisfaction. For a young person, she has led an extraordinarily accomplished life. She was born in Dayton, Ohio and has lived in Miamisburg, Ohio for many years. She has been active in a variety of activities from an early age.

She is now an accomplished bicycle motocross (BMX) racer and began her experience with the sport at the age of 4 years old. She began gymnastics at the age of 3 and continued that sport until middle school. She also has years of practice in golf, cheering, and diving, all of which she played at the high-school level. Since enrolling at ONU, she has not put the brakes on her determination to stay active and involved with the kinds of activities that she finds fun, positive and worthwhile.

She has maintained part-time employment throughout her educational course at ONU while also staying active in activities completely outside of work or school (I.E., becoming a member of the National Physique Committee in 2014 and participating in its bikini division competitions).

If you’re interested in attending college, ONU might be the perfect fit for you. Here’s some basic information about the university:

  • It was founded in 1871 and is located in Ada, Ohio
  • It was ranked second among regional colleges in the Midwest by the U.S. News & World Report
  • It is generally considered ‘more selective’ than other colleges or universities.

As an ONU student, Bethany Kludt provides a great example of someone who has learned to balance the aspects of work, school, and extra-curricular activities.


Why Bethany Kludt Thinks all Women Should Compete in One Beauty Pageant

Bethany Kludt is a nursing student and a bikini contest competitor. When she was eighteen she competed in her one and only beauty pageant. She believes that every girl should compete in at least one beauty pageant in her life.

Bethany Kludt

While a lot of people dismiss beauty pageants as parading females around for people to judge them, Kludt thinks that pageants can help women reflect on their roles in society and begin to prioritize what they want out of life.

While some people think the different wardrobe changes turn females into life-sized Barbie dolls, Kludt believes that this experience teaches women what kind of clothes flatter them the most. In her opinion, women can take these fashion options into their personal closet. If a woman walks out of the door in an outfit they are proud of, they will be more confident and assertive, which can lead to promotions or more respect from their colleagues.

There is also an interview portion to pageants, during this time Kludt thinks that women begin to analyze their opinions on the major issues that are affecting people today. This moment of self-reflection can shape a women’s thinking and make her a more respectful and tolerant person. Kludt knows that competing in beauty pageants is not for everyone. While some people think that these pageants should be stopped immediately, Bethany Kludt believes that when women participate in one pageant, they will begin to think about themselves and their roles in society that will help them advance in their careers or their other life goals.

A Couple Reasons why Bethany Kludt’s BMX Racing Career Helped Her With Her Studies

According to Bethany Kludt BMX racing and nursing school have a lot in common. Kludt has been racing BMX bicycles since she was a little girl. She has enjoyed success in the sport at all levels. However, Kludt had to eventually leave the sport to focus on college and obtain her nursing degree.

Bethany Kludt

Currently Kludt is a college student enrolled in a nursing program. She sees a lot of similarities between her studies and her BMX racing career. First, Kludt explains that there is a significant time commitment to both activities. Kludt remembers waking up at six am on Saturday mornings to head to the racetrack to get practice runs in and trying to master turning on a banked curve. Today, Kludt still wakes up early in the morning on Saturday, but now it is to review her flash cards for an upcoming test.

Kludt also thinks that knowing when to be aggressive is a key to excelling at both nursing and racing. Sometimes during a BMX race, Kludt has to be aggressive to take her chances to pass an opponent, but not too aggressive that she would tire out. In nursing school, while on clinical rotations, being aggressive will allow Kludt the opportunity to help perform procedures and get more experience. If she was too aggressive, though, it might look poorly on her. To Bethany Kludt, every day she uses the lessons she learned while BMX racing and applies them to her nursing studies.


Bethany Kludt’s Tips for College Students to Spend Time with Their Family

Bethany Kludt is a college student studying for her nursing degree. When she is not studying, she often finds time to go home and visit her parents. Her parents live a couple hours away, so it is easy to make the trip frequently. She enjoys her mother’s cooking and spending time with her parents playing golf or watching movies. While many students spend their weekends on campus partying, Kludt takes the time to re-connect with her parents. She believes that the relationships between her and her parents is going to last forever and is more important than any relationship formed at a weekend party. That is why she prioritizes her weekends for her parents.

Bethany Kludt

Kludt also likes to spend time with her extended family as well. Her grandmother lives in Kentucky and is a die-hard University of Kentucky basketball fan. Whenever Kludt has extended time off, she will drive to Kentucky and visit her grandmother and watch a basketball game on the television. Her aunt and uncle also live in Kentucky and these weekend hangouts often turn into mini family reunions.

One piece of advice that Kludt likes to share with people is that while friends come and go, a family is going to be there forever. This is why her family is so important to her. Being in college is one of the greatest times for a young adult, students will learn to be independent and start to figure out a career, but for Bethany Kludt, it is also a time to be with family and keep strengthening the roots that hold families together.